While dealing with problems such as supply chain management, sales and marketing optimization or risk management, organizations all over the world are relying heavily on analytics. Partnering with service providers who can help them with analyzing data to resolve nagging issues along with finding ways to optimize operations is a win-win situation for your business. We provide you with high level of analytical and technical competence to resolve your operational issues based on data.

Our span of offerings are in the following fields:

• Banking and Financial Services

• Research & Recruitment

• Healthcare

• Sales and Marketing

• Risk Management

• Operations

• Customer Relationship Management

Analytics today has become a function in itself in business activity which helps in evidence-based decision making in an organization. Our system provides uniform analyses with detailed outputs highlighted in a single dashboard and detailed in a wide variety of customer-specific graphic analyses and reports. Our offerings include:

• Commercial Analytics

• Actuarial Analytics

• Churn Analytics

• Sales Analytics

• Product Analytics

• Spend Analytics

• Credit Risk Analytics

Commercial Analytics

With commercial analytics, organizations benefit through the insight derived which helps in making decisions across the function of Sales and Marketing, forecasting revenue and setting targets for revenue generation, to making pricing and inventory choices and also help marketing campaigns.

Actuarial Analytics

In the current insurance market where there is cutting edge competition, it is of significance that you know the performance of your product. Life insurance policies are not what they were traditionally, they are considered to be an investment product today. Actuarial analytics helps in measuring their investment performance which assists you in convincing existing and potential customers to invest in your product.

Churn Analytics

To develop a strong and maintainable strategy to retain your customer base, churn analytics comes in handy. It is imperative that you know why existing customers are moving away to competitors; analysis of a specific time period and knowing the percentage of customers who have ended their relationship in that period can help you know the reason of churn rate and the likelihood of a similar event in future. Organizations can develop effective retention programs and prevent the possibility of such event to occur again.

Sales Analytics

Today more than ever the success of your Sales function depends on a combination of analytics that accesses and analyses data to deep dive into the problems, monitors and regulates the sales pipeline as required, and manages the performance and targets. With sales analytics your business can derive insight into existing pipeline and spot likely opportunities as well as threats.

Product Analytics

Keeping up with frequent changes in product designs, regulations, suppliers and costs — while ensuring that targets are met — is an enormous data management challenge. Even the smallest change can affect your product in a major way. Not keeping up means missed targets, rework, recalls and blocked sales, which can quickly impact your bottom line.

Spend Analytics

Spend analytics can help you successfully manage your business with a successful sourcing program strategy. More often used to analyze cost reduction opportunity, identify gaps, reduce unnecessary spending, rationalizing your supply base, identifying supply risk and addressing them, prioritizing projects, along with understanding of the spending pattern, it gives deep insight into your business and help in evidence-based decision making.

Credit Risk Analytics

Firmer regulatory directives and stringent rules are putting ever the more pressure on the financial institutions. Regulatory compliance has increased in mandates for all forms of risk let it be credit or liquidity, market, operational or even enterprises. Need of the hour is to develop a framework to support the risk management needs in today's evolving environment. Risk analytics helps in measuring the exposure to risks to avoid unexpected default rates and high write-offs.